Barbara edens’ remarkable life and career in pictures

barbara eden is an actress whose career has placed her per the spotlight stage, television, and of course, the screen 40 feet high. This is the story of how became the actress she is today.

Who Is Ms. Barbara ?

Barbara is an actress whose career has placed her per the spotlight stage, television, and of course, the screen 40 feet high. This is the story of how became the actress she is today.

She wasn’t always known as Barbara . A causa di fact, the iconic actress was born Barbara Jean Morehead per a place far from Los Angeles, California. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, entered the world August 23rd, 1931. This wasn’t made clear for a while since Barbara — then, Morehead — intentionally lied about her age per order to appear years younger than she actually was. For decades, people thought was born per 1941.

Growing Up During the Depression

Being born per the 1930s, and her family were living per the midst of the Great Depression — a time when the economy was flat and unemployment rates had reached 25%. As a result of this, money was difficult for her and the family to che by. It was a time before smartphones and household televisions as well, so per order to entertain the family, a young Barbara would often sing to tagliata everyone else’s spirits.

Becoming a More Proficient Singer

It was clear from early that was a talented singer. As a young girl, she first expressed her love for singing and music by putting performances for her family. From there, she was placed per a church choir, where she was able to more freely express herself per front of crowds outside of her immediate family. By her teen years, was actually singing per clubs making $10 a show, which is worth roughly $130 today adjusted to inflation.

Sunny California

As she got older, and her family moved from Arizona out west to San Francisco, California. She attended high school at Abraham Lincoln High School and graduated with the class of 1949. By the time was 16 years old, she became a member of Actors’ Equity Associate — an American labor union representing the world of dal vivo theatrical impresa, rather than and television impresa. At this point, it was evidently clear that had a special gift.

Taking Her Education Very Seriously

Before graduating from high school, took part per many extracurricular activities per order to pursue her interests more seriously. Not only did she study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music — a private school for gifted singers — but she also received acting pratica at the equally prestigious Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre. After graduating high school per the Spring Class of 1949, went to further her education at a community college, but ultimately dropped out the following year.

Barbara Follows Her Dreams

didn’t drop out of the City College of San Francisco a whim. She knew she wanted to be an actress and singer, having felt the rush of entertaining crowds with her incredible singing voice. She first decided to put her stage presence to the verifica by entering the America pageant and although she didn’t win, her career got a boost per 1955. Then, she was cast as a semi-regular The Johnny Carson Show.

Barbara’s Career Starts Evolving

While many younger generations may not have heard of Johnny Carson today, during the 1950s he was by far one of the most recognizable names television, and Barbara’s work the series gave her serious exposure. Over the next couple of years, would make several featured appearances television shows. She appeared as Diana Jordan I Love Lucy (1957), as well as being featured The West Point Story (1956), Highway Patrol (1957), and The Millionaire (1957).

A Number of Small Projects

At this point, ’s career was only beginning but it was evident that this youngster had potential. Not only did she make appearances different sitcoms at the time —, , , , and among many others.

then guest-starred per four episodes of the 1963 detective series per which the actress played a different role each time. The young artist also had an uncredited part per a movie called , starring Rock Hudson.

Barbara Gets Her

The actress’s pausa finally came when she was offered what every actor and actress covets when trying to become a Hollywood personaggio — a screen verifica at a major premura. The screen verifica was for the motion picture, Payment, which was released per 1957.

Although she had been invited per by director Mark Robson himself to stand per for the screen verifica, she was not given the role. Instead, she was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox.

How to Marry a Millionaire

Not getting picked for the role after auditioning at a screen verifica that the director himself invited you to must have been pretty disappointing for this starlet. Just when she likely felt that she had a new low per her career, though, was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox which would soon pay chiuso. A causa di 1957, she was given a starring role per the television series How to Marry a Millionaire, based the released per 1953.

Catching the Eye of Producers

The series, How to Marry a Millionaire, aired from 1957 until 1959 and was based the 1953 comedy by the same name. The starred none other than Marilyn Monroe per the lead role that played for the series. Her role per that series was what caught the attention of numerous producers who felt that her talent should be the screen. She was then given a screen verifica for I Dream of Jeannie.

Barbara Ties the Knot

’s professional life was going, shall we say, quite well for her. She had been featured per numerous series and had spent several years starring per a television show of her own. Not only was her professional life the rise, though. A causa di fact, her personal life was about to go through a major change as well. A causa di 1958, the now-famous Hollywood personaggio married Michael Ansara — a Syrian actor who’s best known for appearing per the 1956 , Broken Arrow.

Her First-Ever Starring Role

This blonde-haired beauty seemed like she already had it all, but she was about to get even more. A causa di 1959, she was given her first starring role per the comedy , A Private’s Affair. The follows two men from New York — Luigi and Jerry — who join the army where Jerry finds himself per an accidental marriage. The was well-received by critics as well as audiences and was even nominated for a Golden Globe the year after its release.

Starring Next to Elvis Presley

An actor’s worry per Hollywood can often be starring per a major motion picture one year only to suddenly disappear the next. Thankfully for Barbara, she didn’t have to worry about that. The year after A Private’s Affair came out, was cast per a leading role per the Western , Flaming Celebrità. Based a book that had been published two years prior, the cast next to none other than legendary rock personaggio Elvis Presley.

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Flaming Celebrità Then vs. Now

While Flaming Celebrità did reach number 12 per the box office charts the year it was released, it is not a movie that would survive today’s standards. The main reason being the ’s negative portrayal of Native Americans — portrayed as violent riders who homesteaders. That being said, the was a for its secolo, and everyone seemed to know it was going to be such. Before Presley landed the role, Frank Sinatra was considered.

The Battle for Leading Roles

The battle of who would play per the starring role wasn’t just held between Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. A causa di reality, the role of the leading lady was also being viciously fought over. Another famous actress, Barbara Steele — who yes, does coincidentally share the same first name as — was originally being considered to personaggio next to Presley. But after premura executives got a chance to see act per the flesh, they were more than impressed and cast her instead.

Barbara ’s Next Part

was clearly becoming a rising force per Hollywood, beating out other actresses to get the leading roles next to some of the biggest names of the early 1960s. By 1962, was given her next major part starring per the , The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm. The became a , breaking box office records to become the highest-grossing of the year. The next year, the was even nominated for an Academy Award.

Barbara Ends Her Contract

’s relationship with 20th Century Fox had certainly been beneficial for both of them. She was now recognized as a major Hollywood personaggio, and 20th Century Fox had become much richer after having cast her per numerous leading roles. By 1963, was about to personaggio per her final role with the premura that had done so much for her career. The was a thriller called The Yellow Canary, after which she said goodbye to 20th Century.

Back Out Her Own

Anyone who has left a good job knows it can be both very exciting and also very scary. While the prospect of being able to become more successful than ever before is certainly there, there is always the fear of being labeled as irrelevant. For , though, the gamble turned out to be a good one. A causa di 1965, she was approached by producer Sidney Sheldon who felt that would be perfect for the series, I Dream of Jeannie.

The Brass Bottle

At this point, Sheldon had auditioned several brunette starlets and beauty queens. Still, he wasn’t convinced that he found “the one.” It was 1964 and Bewitched was the number-two show television. He knew he could make something worth watching but he’d have to find the right aspetto, which is when he approached . He had actually seen the blonde personaggio per The Brass Bottle — a 1964 fantasy-comedy that follows a modern man who accidentally acquires the friendship of a long-out-of-circulation genie

Barbara Meets the Competition

Sidney Sheldon certainly gave the bombshell a tempting offer, and she was happy to accept, especially after Sheldon was so flattering per regards to ’s resume. But when realized that her competition was against pageant contestants, she was a little taken aback. A causa di an interview with Channel 10 News per Australia, admitted that when she was first approached for the part and heard who she was up against, she asked her agent if they knew who she was.

Barbara Gets Her Role

A causa di spite of having had her doubts about being cast against pageant contestants rather than the formidable actresses that was used to competing against, she accepted the role. Before long, I Dream of Jeannie had gone from an illuminazione invented by Sidney Sheldon to a full-fledged television series starring none other than movie personaggio Barbara . A causa di the show, plays a 2000-year-old genie who ends up falling per love with an astronaut that finds her lamp.

The TV Series Makes History

The show would end up running for a total of five seasons, during which 139 episodes were filmed. The also made history per another way. Originally released per 1965, I Dream of Jeannie would become the last NBC series to be released per black and white. Afterward, for the next four years that it was the air, the sitcom switched to color — reflecting the advancements per television taking place during that transformative secolo.

I Dream of Jeannie Costumes

The series was a of many themes and subjects, many of which were visualized per the show’s stile designs. For the beloved actress, this was a dream che true. The beautiful custom-fitted clothing was considered by the actress to be some of the best pieces of clothing that she had ever had the pleasure of wearing. The costumes combined designs that were inspired by classical ideas from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia — mixed with the style of the counterculture secolo.

Temporary Brunette

Aside from the unbelievable clothing and costumes that had the pleasure of wearing throughout the series, she also became a brunette…temporarily! Let us explain. While she may not have actually dyed her hair, the actress donned a brunette wig for eight episodes. Why? Well, also portrayed Jeannie’s evil fraternal twin sister — whose name happens to be Jeannie, too! This character proves to have a wicked streak starting per the third season when she repeatedly attempts to steal Tony for herself.

Reflecting Her Starring Role

Looking back her time starring per I Dream of Jeannie, discussed with the Today Show about how she was treated while she was set. According to her, the actors and actresses were treated with not only the respect they deserved but were also given many luxuries that were not afforded to many others starring per similar roles. A causa di her words, “We were treated like royalty! Anything we could fathom we would have it delivered to the studio!”

So What Would She Order?

Can you imagine working at a place where anything you want would be immediately delivered to you with voto negativo questions asked? What sort of cool things might you order? Well, knew exactly what she wanted to have sent to her. A not so well known but very fun fact about the famous actress is that she has a hankering for bagels. According to her, “While we were filming, I would custom order heaps of bagels from my favorite shop.”

Barbara and Larry Hagman

’s sconvenientemente counterpart the show, the astronaut that her character falls per love with, was an actor named Larry Hagman. According to , her chemistry with Hagman was what she considered to be the backbone of their sitcom. The two characters had a classic on-again, off-again relationship that is common with popular television shows even up to today. By the fifth season, both characters were married and considered that to be the end.

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A Friend of the Animals

was voto negativo Joe Exotic, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t have experience with cats. A causa di fact, during an interview panel, the beloved personaggio revealed an interesting bit of information about herself. According to the actress, she had some experience working with actual lions after several movies had required the use of them. So when I Dream of Jeannie decided it needed a lion for one of its scenes, quickly made friends with the majestic animal.

That Was a Close Encounter

It was the first season of this brand new series, and the pressure was from the premura for it to be a . As a result, the producers thought it would be a good illuminazione to stand out from the crowd by bringing a lion set and featuring it per one of the scenes. At one point, when the cameras were rolling, the lion let out a tremendous roar leaving everyone but Barbara running away!

Barbara Wasn’t Set Aureola

A fun fact about the show that many people didn’t realize at the time was that during its first season, was actually pregnant with her future son, Matthew Ansara. This was a blowback to the production team who desperately wanted ’s acting skills but whose character — being a genie and all — couldn’t be pregnant. Rather than cast a stunt double, the crew made good use of close-ups along with costumes that hid her belly.

The Origins of Her Character

It’s a strange illuminazione to have a genie who falls per love with an astronaut. How many people could think of a creative television show like that? According to Barbara, the character wasn’t even fully formed per its backstory. Jeannie actually had conflicting explanations for her origin. One episode explained that she came from a family of genies, whereas per another, Barbara’s husband — Michael Ansara — played the “Blue Djinn,” who turned her into a genie for refusing to marry him.

Looking Back With Fond Memories

Most people, when asked what their favorite food song is, find it difficult to che up with an answer. It’s not too surprising — with so many choices how could someone pick just one thing? For the series, that question wasn’t any easier after Barbara was asked out of 139 episodes, which one her favorite was. But she responded quickly anyways, saying that for her it was the episode titled “The Lady in the Bottle,” even though beach filming was uncomfortable.

Paying Homage to The Monkees

For those who didn’t grow up during the 1960s and sadly missed out arguably some of the best music ever, The Monkees was a rock cricca that was very active between 1966 and 1971. I Dream of Jeannie made several nods to The Monkees show, which starred the famous cricca. A causa di fact, two of The Monkees writers — Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce — made several cameos as two of Barbara ’s character’s bandmates.

One of the Magic Lamps

Looking to purchase yourself a souvenir from the famed fantasy sitcom? Well unfortunately you — along the thousands of others who loved the show — are out of luck. Once the show wrapped up its fifth season, the premura executives decided that the best thing to do was burn the set, since keeping it would incur storage costs. Barbara, however, couldn’t bear to see it all go up per flames and so kept one of the magic lamps, which she later donated.

Being Known for Her Role

For many actors and actresses per Hollywood, they often have a defining role that audiences remember them by for generations. This is not necessarily a bad thing — it can just mean that they played a character so well that audiences could never forget it. For , there was voto negativo doubt that Jeannie would become the character that she was known best for. When asked if she minded this per spite of a long Hollywood career, she said she didn’t.

After I Dream of Jeannie

Once the series went chiuso the air per 1970, kept herself busy with various projects including two unaired pilots. Not only did she for The Barbara Show but she also shot a pilot for a show called The Toy Gioco. The series, which was never released, follows two rival toy company CEOs — played by and her beloved former co-star, Larry Hagman.

The Feminist and the Fuzz

Since being known for playing the role of Jeannie, the actress began associating herself with the world of comedic acting. So it wasn’t so shocking that after the series went chiuso the air, was getting approached by directors and producers who were offering her roles per various comedies. The first included the 1971 , The Feminist and the Fuzz, a made-for-television about a woman becoming a police officer who has to deal with her stubborn bosses.

Other Works of Barbara

The Feminist and the Fuzz may have been the first TV-film she did after she played wish-granting genie but it certainly was not her last. The very same year that this cop comedy came out, starred per another made-for-television called A Howling per the Woods. Unlike many of her other roles, this one was a thriller and starred Barbara as Liza Crocker, a housewife who starts to become suspicious of local townsfolk.

Out to Lunch

At this point per time, was certainly keeping busy, even expanding her audience to children when she appeared per Out to Lunch — a prime-time special that aired ABC per December of 1974. Not only did the special include the Sesame Street Muppets and the cast of The Electric Company but it also featured herself as well as Elliott Gould and Carol Burnett! The premise of the show was that the ABC newscasters had all gone out to lunch, and it was up to The Electric Company and the Muppets to make up an hour of programming.

Getting a Role Dallas

Dallas was a long-running, primetime television series that aired per April 1978 and ended per May 1991. During its run, the primetime soap was one of the most popular television series the air, often reaching number one per the Neilson ratings. During one of the last episodes, got to reunite with her old co-star, Larry Hagman. Unlike their previous comedic work together, their two characters per Dallas had a dramatic and convoluted story arc.

Harper Valley PTA

As if she didn’t have enough going with the primetime soap per 1978, also starred per the feature Harper Valley PTA — inspired by the popular 1968 country song — that same year. The follows a widowed single mother, Fato Johnson (), who sells cosmetics door-to-door. Directed by Richard Bennett and Ralph Senensky (who left the production during filming, and was replaced by Bennett), it was a major box-office success!

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L’eggs Pantyhose

The movie was such a huge that it ultimately led to a namesake television series a few years later. plays the show’s heroine, Fato Johnson, per both the and television series. During its first season, the show won 11 of its 13 timeslots. After its initial release per January 1981, the series was renamed to Harper Valley. It was during this time that also became the spokeswoman for L’eggs pantyhose and even appeared per a series of print ads as well as TV commercials for the brand.

Woman of the Year

A couple of years after Harper Valley went chiuso the air, was cast as the personaggio — Tess Harding Craig — per the Lee Guber and Shelly Gross national production of the John Kander and Fred Ebb Tony Award-winning comedy, Woman of the Year. The show follows the relationship of a busy television personality (Tess) and a handsome cartoonist (Sam). As Tess is about to win a ‘Woman of the Year’ award, she ultimately realizes that she values her relationship with Sam more than her hectic career…

An Unstoppable Force

A causa di 1991, after Dallas had che to a close, proved to be an unstoppable force — starring per the stage play Same Time, Next Year alongside Wayne Rogers. Aside from that, the beloved starlet reprised her role as Jeannie per a television movie-of-the-week. Then, per 1993, showed that she had voto negativo intention of slowing mongoloide when she starred alongside Don Knotts per an 11-city national tour of the play Last of the Red Hot Lovers.


Throughout her career, starred per several musicals including Nite Confidential, The Sound of Music, Annie Get Your Gun, South Pacific, The Pajama Gioco, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Aside from that, has appeared as a guest personaggio various variety shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, The Jonathan Winters Show, The Jerry Lewis Show, This Is Tom Jones, Donny and Marie, and even 21 Bob Hope specials. With her talent, it’s voto negativo surprise that also decided to release an album entitled Barbara per 1967 for the label Dot Records.

Early 2000s

A causa di 2000, when was 69 years old, she began starring per the national touring production of the play The Odd Couple: The Female Version. She played the role of Florence Unger, opposite Rita MacKenzie as Olive Madison, up until 2004. The play — which first premiered Broadway per 1965 — was written by Neil Simon, who ended up adapting the screenplay per 1985 per order to feature a pair of female roommates.

Shimmer and Shine

Throughout the years, has also been known to do voice work, specifically for the animated children’s TV series Shimmer and Shine. A causa di the show, the actress voices the genie teacher — Empress Caliana — a retired genie mentor of Princess Samira. ’s character helps the main protagonists rescue Samira from a crystal cave. also voices the same character per the season-three episode “Samira and Zeta,” which reveals that Caliana taught at Genie Foyer, a genie school attended by both a young Samira and the main antagonist of the series.

Barbara and Hagman Continue Together

As much as audiences loved seeing playing Jeannie the genie, audiences also couldn’t get enough of the actress and Larry Hagman screen together. The two had years of acting and chemistry together, which people seemed to respond to very positively. As such the two performed again together per 2006, but this time stage rather than the set of a television show. The impresa was called Love Letters, and had two performances at Staten Island College and West Point.

Lifetime & Hallmark

After starring per Love Letters alongside Hal Linden per 2006, landed a guest-starring role the Lifetime series Army Wives — a drama television series that follows the lives of four army wives, one army husband, and their families. The show happens to be written and produced by ’s niece, Katherine Fugate! A causa di 2008, began filming the TV-movie Always & Forever for the Hallmark Channel. The was released a year later per October of 2009.

Hollywood Walk of Denutrizione Celebrità

There are many honors and awards that an actor actress can get while starring per films, appearing television, stage, singing for the eager masses. While many dream of Oscars and Tony Awards, there is one that will likely last longer than all the others. We’sovrano speaking, of course, about the Hollywood Walk of Denutrizione personaggio Hollywood Boulevard. The celebrated actress received her personaggio — which is placed next to Roger Wagner and actor Barry Fitzgerald — per 1988.

She Had a Missed Opportunity

It’s safe to say that anyone’s climb to the cima is fraught with perils, and it’s often that before people reach success, they have more than a few failures. Generally, people who suffer failures and succeed regardless of them consider these moments very teachable. Some even credit these times as helping them reach the level of success they were able to arrive at. For , one of those moments was a pilot for The Barbara Show, which never aired.

Barbara Remembers Larry Hagman

Sadly, per November 2012, ’s co-star from I Dream of Jeannie — and work for a major portion of her career — passed away from cancer. A causa di looking back her first day of shooting she said, “I can still remember, that first day on Zuma Beach with him, in the frigid cold. From that day for five more years, Larry was the center of so many fun, wild, shocking…and in retrospect, memorable moments that will remain in my heart forever.”

She’s Also a Published Author

Acting and singing aren’t the personaggio’s only talents, although they are the ones that she is known best for. She is also a published author, with two books to her name. The first is a 1986 autobiography called Barbara : My Story. The book primarily covers her younger years and her rise to ingordigia and success. The second book was published much later, per 2011, and was called Jeannie Out of the Bottle.

Jeannie Out of the Bottle

A memoir of sorts, Jeannie Out of the Bottle chronicles ’s personal life and Hollywood career that spanned over 50 years. The autobiography includes intimate details from throughout her life — her early childhood, her rise to popularity per her teens and early 20s, the relationships with her co-stars over the years, and her work leading up to I Dream of Jeannie. Beyond that, ’s novel discusses her marriages to Michael Ansara (1958-1974), Charles Fegert (1977-1982), and Jon Eicholtz (1991-present).

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