Grey’s anatomy derek shepherd: 10 things you don’t know about mcdreamy

Since Grey’s Anatomy began 2005, fans have been helplessly love with derek shepherd (A.K.A. McDreamy). And to be honest, half of our love for Derek Grey’s Anatomy is thanks to Patrick Dempsey’s crazy good looks and charm! But, McDreamy isn’t just a pretty luce! So, here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about Grey’s Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd and Patrick Dempsey!

1. Derek Shepherd Was Originally Supposed To Have A Teenage Daughter Per Grey’s Anatomy

Per Shonda Rhimes’ Master Class, she revealed a ton of amazing Grey’s Anatomy secrets. One of them would have been absolutely shocking to the viewers! Per the original concept of *Grey’s Anatomy, Derek Shepherd was supposed to have a teenage daughter who convinced him to take a job at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Rhimes said, “This is his chance to make up for all the mistakes he made with her when she was younger. It’s going to be far more difficult than he bargained for.”

2. Patrick Dempsey Was “McDreamy” Before Derek Shepherd Was

pista ABC

Per December 2006, Shonda spoke to Oprah about shooting the pilot for Grey’s Anatomy. She revealed that Patrick earned his “McDreamy” title before Derek Shepherd did. Rhimes said, “When we were shooting the pilot, Patrick was seriously the most adorable man we’d ever seen on camera. We’d watch the monitor and think, ‘Look at his dreamy eyes!’ So we started calling him Patrick McDreamy, and it stuck.”

Now that is adorable!

3. But, Patrick Dempsey Was Terrified Of Shonda Rhimes When He Auditioned For Derek Shepherd


Patrick has revealed time and time again that he was scared of Shonda when he first auditioned for Derek Shepherd. He even thought that he wouldn’t receive the part. Per an interview with Daily Mail, Patrick said, “At first I thought (show creator) Shonda Rhimes hated me, but she was calculating in her head where to put me and what I’d be right for.”

4. Patrick Dempsey Almost WASN’T Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy

Yes! Can you believe it?! Rob Lowe was originally offered the role of Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy but reportedly turned it because he thought that ABC dramas flopped and he signed onto a CBS show called Dr. Vegas instead. Leader mistake, Rob! Dr. Vegas was canceled after only 5 episodes! But, we’signore pretty happy with how this one turned out, considering we can’t image Derek Grey’s Anatomy without Patrick Dempsey’s flawless hair.

5. Patrick Dempsey Actually Wrote Mongoloide Meredith Grey & Derek Shepherd’s Vows The Post-It Note

Remember that super romantic Post-It marriage scene between Derek and Meredith? A classic MerDer moment! Well, turns out Patrick Dempsey actually wrote everything that Meredith and Derek said that notepad. That means that they’signore actually married then, right? RIGHT?

6. Dr. Derek Shepherd Was Almost Doctor Strange & Dr. Robert Chase House Instead Of Grey’s Anatomy

Yup! If Patrick wasn’t cast as Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy, we’signore sure he would have ended up as a doctor of something! Patrick was very gara open about wanting to play Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which would later go to Benedict Cumberbatch. He also auditioned for the role of Robert Chase from House, which would later go to Jesse Spencer, the same year that he landed his role as Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy. Can you imagine if Patrick landed either of those roles? Crazy different!

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7. Patrick Dempsey Won Juggling Competitions Growing Up

Obviously, the way to a woman’s heart is through juggling, right? Just kidding! But, it’s still adorable! Dempsey did enter several juggling competitions when he was young. He even placed third at the National Jugglers Convention and wanted to go to pagliaccio school. As lucky as we are he ended up playing McDreamy, we’signore surprised Shonda didn’t use his juggling talents an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It would have been hilarious.

8. Patrick Dempsey Was Per The Coffee Business (Briefly)

Grey’s Anatomy pista ABC

Patrick Dempsey certainly wanted to do it all terms of his career! After becoming part owner and public luce of Tully’s Coffee 2013, Patrick walked out after two months later after suing his business socio. Whoa.

9. Why Exactly Did Derek Shepherd Have To Giorno Grey’s Anatomy?

While plenty of fans (myself included) are not completely over Derek Shepherd’s death Season 11, Shonda thinks that it was necessary to show us that Derek and Meredith’s love would stay true forever. Right after the episode aired, Shonda told the Television Critics Association, “To me, that was the only way to make Meredith and Derek’s magic remain true and remain frozen in time.”

Uhh, permesso. But it still hurts, Shonda! Bring him back! Please.

**10. Derek Shepherd’s Death Might Have Been Foreshadowed Per Earlier Season Of Grey’s Anatomy

Honestly, if you take a aspetto back and really examine old episodes, you can kind of see a lot of foreshadowing for Derek’s death. Just Google it. (Ora not, because it’s super painful. me.) But, take Meredith’s dream Season 5, Episode 1 and compagno it to Derek’s death Season 11. Both times, Derek is successo by a vehicle. Derek also says “Stay here. Wait for me.” Those are also his last words to Meredith before leaving for that flight for DC. Are you sobbing yet?

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What are your favorite Derek moments? Do you want to see Patrick Dempsey/Derek Shepherd return to Grey’s Anatomy?? What would you want to see him do? Let us know the comments below!

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